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We have worked with Voxego for many years. The quality and creativity of their work – and their ability to deliver to tight deadlines – has been the cornerstone of an enduring and mutually productive relationship.

Jack Irvine
Chairman, Media House



Very few people in the Scottish media or public relations industry have not heard of Jack Irvine's hugely successful Media House.

vox|ego has concieved and designed a range of 'image enhancing' adverts over the years for Media House. These include the serious and the tounge-in-cheek, for mediums including national and trade press and electronic distribution (eChristmas cards).

As a high profile public relations firm, Media House needed a site that was visually innovative and presented a strong corporate image and consciousness. In addition, being a 'people' and 'information' business they had to provide enough information about themselves, and to an extent their business, to placate the toughest client.